Adoption Procedures
1. Go to Cats Awaiting Adoption Album and select your favorite cat(s).
2. Fill up and Submit the online application form here: 申請領養表格 (Adoption Form)
3. Volunteer will email you to make the reservation for visiting the cat(s) in 3 working days.
4. If you decide to adopt the cat(s) after the visit, please email us your selected cat(s)
5. Adopters should install the safety windows (please refer to 安裝窗Windows Safety for details) and email us a photo
6. Volunteer will arrange the home inspection with applicant within 5 working days.
7. If your home inspection passed, we will email you the related documents and arrange the appointment for picking up the cat(s)

Required Documents for Adoption
1. Completed membership application form
2. Recent residential address proof
3. Completed Adoption Form
4. A photo taken with your adopted cat(s) (To be taken by volunteer upon re-homing)
5. Identify Card copy