Cat Society is registered as a tax-exempt charity at Inland Revenue Department on Oct 1st, 2007. Our registration can be searched at Inland Revenue Department website by entering “Cat Society (Hong Kong) Limited”. All donors to Cat Society are eligible to receive official receipts in order to claim for tax deduction.

Cat Society is operated on a 100% voluntary basis by dedicated volunteers. We receive 100% of its funding from individual donors like you. In order to continue our services of saving and helping many more stray cats, your donations to us are crucial. Your generous donations are a huge support and encouragement to us.

Your donation will be used as:

  • Emergency medical fund for stray cats (including but not limited to cats who are abused, seriously injured or critically ill)
  • Neuter operations for stray cats
  • Medical care to cats who are waiting to be adopted, including vaccination and neuter operations
  • Daily operation expenses of our cat house in Tokawan
  • General expenses

Act NOW. Your donation can change their lives.


Donation Method

  1. By cheque
    You can donate by cheque and sending it by mail to Cat Society (HK).  
    Please make a crossed cheque payable to “Cat Society (Hong Kong) Limited” (please mark your name, contact number/email plus the purpose of cheque on the back of the cheque.
    Mailing address - G/F, No. 26 Chi Kiang Street, Tokwawan | Attention: Cat Society (HK) Ltd.
  2. Bank transfer to our HSBC account : 640-030011-292  
    Account Name:Cat Society (Hong Kong) Limited
  3. Paypal - Paypal can pay by credit card!!!
    Website : 
    Cat Society's paypal account:
    In order to avoid extra administration fee from paypal, please pay as a "transfer" in paypal.
  4. PPS - You can make recurring donation through PPS!!!
    PPS Tel : 18033 | PPS website : 
    Merchant code: 9987 |  Bill no. :1
    (PPS will charge us HK$5 as service fee)


Cat Society (HK) is a registered charity, donations of HK$100 or above are tax-deductible in Hong Kong.  To obtain a tax-deductible receipt :

  • For donation by cheque - please mark addressee of the receipt on the back of cheque.
  • For donation by bank transfer - please us your bank slip by email
  • For donation by paypal - please mark the donor's information at paypal's remarks
  • For donation by PPS - please email us the PPS registration number, PPS reference number & donation date.

Please send the above mentioned information together with your mailing address to,Please mark "Request of tax-deductible receipt" in your subject.

Regarding tax deduction in Hong Kong, please note you are not required to provide document proof when you submit the tax returns. However all approved charitable donations should be supported by receipts issued by tax-exempt charities or government. You are advised to keep all related receipts and records for 6 years in order to be inspected should it be requested by the Inland Revenue Department in the future.

Cat Society is operated on a 100% voluntary basis. All committee members and volunteers have full-time day jobs. Response and reply could be delayed because of the time constraint. Thank you for your understanding.